List of roasters in Nice

To have a good coffee, you not only need to have a good raw material, but the so-called roasting process must also be carried out correctly. The quality and taste of the drink depend greatly on the cooking of the green coffee beans to ultimately produce this beverage so popular with all. On the Nice side, there are roasters specializing in the field. Update on the roaster.

Role of a roasting company

A roasting company plays a very important role in the distribution of coffee in the region where it is established. It must first provide itself with green coffee beans, which will be the essence of the process. However, it is imperative to import it from cultivating countries and in a large enough quantity to build up a real stock. Other than that, there must be a handful of experts who will study this raw material, its quality, appearance, and potential defects that could affect the final product. An establishment worthy of the name must even have a laboratory to carry out in-depth analyzes. Thus, simple tasting is not enough to really appreciate what imported green coffee beans are worth. This laboratory control process comes back even after roasting, which is the next step. Once all these steps are completed, all that remains is to package the product. Unlike wine or cheese, coffee doesn't really improve over time. Once roasted, it is necessary to condition it to prevent oxidation which can occur after twenty days for the coffee beans and five for the ground coffee. To avoid this, the coffee is vacuum packed as quickly as possible so that it can be stored for a long time.

The best establishments in Nice

  • Arabo, subsidiary of Malongo: located at 21 rue Marceau, this is a roasting company that has existed since 1908, and which specializes in high-end coffee. Its ground coffees and beans, packaged in 1kg packs, are suitable for various professional machines. But there are also boxes of 250g and 125g.

  • Café Maori, 17 boulevard Joseph Garnier: Bulk coffee, confectionery and grocery store, completely renovated, this establishment is a real institution in Nice.

  • Cafés Indiens: at 35 rue Pairoliére and 2 bis, rue Sainte-Reparate, Cafés Indiens is an absolutely delicious artisan roaster and coffee machine in a truly charming place. He also sells coffee equipment, a fairly complete shop.

  • Cafés Gabriel, 54 rue Buffa: offers traditional home-made roasting services, but it is also an ideal place to relax for a good coffee or tea.

To conclude, it was therefore seen what a good roaster should do to produce coffee worthy of the name, especially those on a large scale. In addition, Nice is really full of unusual roasting establishments, a must for coffee lovers.

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